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Andrew McPherson – Pulse Diagnosis:
How to use the pulse to diagnose and treat patients. Facts and fallacies of this ancient art explained.

Anne Grace – Chinese Foot Reflexology:
Find out the differences between Chinese and Western reflexology. How does a TCM approach help improve the effect.

Venue: BCC Library, Corner Adelaide and George Streets, City.
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President’s Report 25/8/2003 
Andrew McPherson

In addition to many other changes this year, (many of which I will discuss in a future report when a number of matters have been fully concluded or resolved), I recently attended the Federation of Natural Therapists’ (FNTT) General Meeting in Adelaide on Saturday the 23/8/2003 at 10.00a.m.

One of the main reasons for attending was to meet with the representatives of the other member associations and introduce our association to them.  However, there were also other important matters I wished to raise at this meeting on behalf of many of our members.  For example, it seems that many of the small independent associations in Queensland have never heard of the Federation or its benefits.  Furthermore, with regards to another issue, we are still trying to sort out people’s queries regarding Private Health Fund Rebates.

These issues and others were dealt with by the Federation at the Meeting.  With regards to the matter of self-promotion and recognition of the Federation, the Secretary and President of the Federation informed us that they do have brochures available and that they also have a Web site ( which is very much still active.  Re Private Health Fund Rebates, this has always been a tricky issue traditionally, with many Private health funds adopting different policies when it comes to Natural Therapies.  David Fitts, the Chairman of the general meeting, however, informed us that faced with similar problems in the recent past, his organization has always referred matters to the ACCC with good results.  His recommendation was that no alternative medicine practitioner is legally required to be a member of any particular association and therefore should be admitted as a Health Care Provider by Health Funds unless they can themselves prove that the Practitioner is not of a good enough standard (ie. the onus is on the private Health Fund to do so).  In other words instead of endless debates with a clerk, at whatever Health Fund you are applying to, it is better to talk to the ACCC direct.  If the ANACHA member is concerned about doing this him or herself, the association is prepared to represent the member and his/her complaint to the ACCC.  Therefore, should there be any more problems regarding this issue, please don’t hesitate to call us if you need to.  However, it may be necessary to get more information on the history of the individual complaint before we can approach the ACCC as a group.

Finally, I should also mention that at the Meeting, the President of the Federation, Karen Martin, also presented ANACHA with a copy of the recent Profile of Naturopathic and Western Herbal Medicine Practitioners in Australia report.  The first study of its kind here in Australia, this is a ground breaking Report as it shows that while Herbs may have slight side effects, blood tests confirm that liver and kidney damage from taking herbs is basically non-existent.  This tends to prove that Doctors have little or no basis for their much-publicised views.  If members wish for further information on this subject, also please let us know.

Basically, the General Meeting was a big success (despite the rain), and I hope we can send other delegates to future meetings.

Andrew McPherson

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